Are Registry Cleaners and Anti-Virus Programs Similar?

Registry cleaners and anti-virus software aren’t strictly related, but there are a couple of similarities which could lead people to think they were linked somehow. This comes from the fact that a virus (or any other piece of malware including spyware, Trojans, and ransomware) works by installing itself into the windows registry, where all the computer’s data is kept.

Obviously we all know that viruses and other malware can cause a lot of problems with our PCs, and they can cause system errors similar to a corrupted registry file. You will not be able to remove a virus with a registry cleaning software though, so you are always best off using a reliable ant-virus in this case. The reason that registry cleaners won’t clean up viruses is that although they are harmful, registry cleaning software isn’t written to be able to recognize viruses, so they can look like innocent, important software to the program.

An antivirus, on the other hand, is specifically designed to recognize various types of viruses, so it can look through an infected registry and know which infected files to remove. That doesn’t mean that an antivirus keeps your registry clean, as it is only capable of recognizing virus files and will ignore other corrupt files.

There is one way in which a registry cleaner can help after a virus infection. After you have used antivirus software to fix your computer, there may be data fragments left behind by the virus which could have been left behind. To remove these abandoned entries, the best thing you can do is run a full registry scan using a dedicated registry cleaning program.


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